transparentAbout HKACU


We are a group of Christians from the Hong Kong aviation industry. Through God’s calling and motivation, we set up a prayer group via whatsapp in 2nd May 2013. Since then, we have been consistently praying for Christian revival and transformation in our industry.

By God’s protection and step by step guidance, we established the first Hong Kong Aviation Christian Union (HKACU) in 11th November 2014 under the Society Ordinance.

In November 2016,  HKACU was officially registered as a limited company and a non-profit charitable institution (IRD File No. 91/15570).  It has set a significant milestone for transformation and revival of Christians in the aviation industry.



We firmly believe that the Bible (Old and New Testaments) are the human revelation from the supreme authority of God.

We use the “Apostles’ Creed” as the fundamental belief of the HKACU;

We firmly believe and proclaim that the precious blood of our Lord Jesus has redeemed the global aviation industry.

 We firmly believe that every Christian who has been called into the aviation industry has a sacred mission to spread the gospel worldwide.



The aviation industry is an international enterprise. Christians from the industry not only come from different countries and Christian denominations, but they are also raised in different cultures and speak different languages. Hence, we are committed to expanding the HKACU into a Christian organisation that is racially and culturally united to serve and worship our only Creator.




To fulfill the promise of God in the Bible, He must raise His powerful army through the global aviation network in spreading the gospel worldwide.


We are committed to establishing a harmonious and unified Christian platform of mutual love that God’s love shall be manifested to the world through the industry.

  • We are committed to uniting all Christians, both inside and outside of the industry, to persevere and transform the revival through persistent prayers, so that the Kingdom of God will reach out to the entire aviation industry;
  • We are committed to nature and preparing the industry’s Christians to take on a pastoral role in their workplace, through which they may proclaim and convey joy, peace and hope of the Gospel to the industry;
  • We are committed to uniting Christians outside the industry, local churches and Christian organizations in sharing our vision and seeking opportunities to serve God together;
  • We are committed to building a group of anointed servants to bring forth the glow of Light for the Lord. May God’s love be received by everyone through various caring activities.